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Wondery, the world’s largest independent podcaster, today announced the appointment of DAX, the pioneering digital ad exchange from Media and Entertainment group, Global, as its exclusive advertising sales partner handling Wondery’s advertising inventory in Canada.

Wondery produces numerous hit shows across the globe surpassing 1 billion downloads including Business Wars, The Shrink Next Door, Dr. Death, and the highly anticipated Guru: The Dark Side of Enlightenment. The network also includes NBC News podcasts and School of Greatness as well as Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast, The Bill Bert Podcast and The Dollop in its portfolio.

Wondery’s podcasts are distributed across a wide array of platforms across Canada. Its portfolio contains eight #1 shows and has grown downloads 154% during the first half of 2020 v 2019. Wondery is also the first podcast network to expand into local language marketplaces with the launch of eight language editions of Dr. Death and six language versions of Business Wars (including French), and many more to come.

The partnership will enable DAX to offer Canadian brands and advertisers spot ads and host-read podcast sponsorship.

Commenting on the announcement, Declan Moore, Head of International for Wondery, said “We are thrilled to partner with the DAX team in Canada. In addition to Host and Producer/Network reads, Wondery is expanding its product offering to include spot and programmatic solutions. The DAX team have established hundreds of successful partnerships with leading brands, and we’re excited to connect marketers with the rapidly growing Wondery Canadian audience.”

Chris Nimigon, Chief Revenue Officer of DAX Canada added: “Wondery have created an impressive portfolio of hit shows which we’re extremely excited to share with our advertising partners. With podcast audiences growing consistently across the globe, our new partnership creates a clear opportunity for brands and advertisers to align with Wondery’s quality productions and reach engaged listeners across Canada, at scale.”


Splicky’s advertiser partners gain access to DOOH screens at scale through Global’s SSP, DAX

Splicky, the mobile demand side platform (DSP) from Berlin-based Jaduda, and Global, the Media and Entertainment group, have today announced a new partnership which sees Splicky integrated with DAX.

Global launched DAX, its digital outdoor supply side platform (SSP), in January 2020. DAX, the digital ad exchange, connects advertisers with audiences at scale through digital outdoor sites across the UK.

Splicky’s integration with DAX, enables its agency and advertiser partners access to premium DOOH inventory from media owner Global, as well as Admedia and Elonex.

Commenting on the partnership, newly appointed UK operations Director, Gordon Bonifacio, said: “We are excited to be amongst the very first partners to integrate directly into DAX, Global’s premium programmatic outdoor offering. Together with our existing integrations we can now offer unparalleled scale for UK advertisers. Combined with our granular targeting options, live triggers and real-time footfall optimisation capabilities, Splicky is now the platform of choice for best in class programmatic digital out-of-home campaigns.”

“Adding DAX as a partner is another great step on our journey to becoming one of Europe’s leading digital out-of-home and multichannel DSPs. The past few months have been difficult for the medium but we are very optimistic about the rebound of Out of Home, particularly in digital and programmatic space.” Added Sven Ruppert, Co-Founder and CEO of Jaduda, the company running the Splicky DSP.

Ollie Deane, Director of Commercial Outdoor and DAX, said: “We are delighted to share today’s announcement that Splicky is now integrated with DAX. Data insights indicate that normality is resuming across the UK, with roadside audiences back to 97%* of their original levels, and rising. Our partnership will enable advertisers’ flexible access to audiences at scale; and signals that the industry is once again heading in a positive direction.”


BandLab Technologies, parent company of NME & NME Radio, has partnered with DAX, for exclusive audio sales representation across the UK.

The deal sees DAX, the UK’s largest digital audio advertising platform, monetise inventory for NME across NME Radio 1 and NME Radio 2.

Through this partnership, advertisers have the opportunity to reach NME’s listeners and enable brands to align with NME’s online radio content. NME 1 plays a selection of stone-cold classics and indie anthems, while NME 2 brings listeners the best of the past decade – from alternative bops to grime and leftfield dance.

With over half the UK population listening to audio on a connected device, digital audio advertising presents a massive opportunity for brands and their agencies to target a broad spectrum of consumers. In the first three months of 2019, online radio grew 26.5%, compared with the same period in 2018, according to the latest Advertising Association/Warc Expenditure Report.

Holly Bishop, Head of Strategy & Partnerships (EMEA), said: “Over the past two decades, NME has evolved in step with the rapidly changing media consumption habits of modern music lovers. We’re focused on serving cutting edge relevant cultural content to our audience where they spend their free time. Today, we have a website that reaches more than 15 million music fans every month and audio channels that have grown along with it. We are delighted to be working exclusively with Global and their DAX platform, to give advertisers access to NME’s audio footprint and reach our digitally native audience in the most impactful way possible.”

Ollie Deane, Director of Commercial Digital at Global, said: “We’re delighted to be working with NME to bring their iconic music brand to DAX. It’s so positive for the industry to see yet another leading media brand expand their content into audio. This new partnership will create opportunities for advertisers to target the NME’s loyal audience through audio.”

Advertisers in the UK can access NME’s inventory programmatically and direct through DAX. Created by Media & Entertainment group, Global, DAX is the UK’s largest audio advertising platform. It offers sophisticated tools and capabilities which allow advertisers to measure the performance of their digital audio advertising campaigns. NME joins a collective of leading music publisher brands on DAX, including SoundCloud and Global’s own radio stations such as Capital, Heart and Radio X.


Urban One appoints DAX as Exclusive Sales Representative Across General Market Network Radio and Programmatic Streaming Sales

DAX, the market leader in digital audio advertising, today announced a long-term partnership with Urban One, the largest distributer of urban content across the US.


Urban One’s radio platforms, Radio One and Reach Media, are the leading voices speaking to the African-American community through their 55 owned and operated broadcast stations in 15 markets and more than 10 nationally syndicated personality networks. The deal represents DAX’s second publishing partnership with a major terrestrial broadcaster following a February agreement with Cumulus.


DAX will be Urban One’s exclusive sales representative across general market network radio streaming and programmatic streaming advertisements under the agreement. Urban One advertisers will get access to advanced targeting tools to reach key audiences via DAX, the digital audio advertising platform created by European radio giant, Global.


DAX allows advertisers to measure their digital audio campaigns in real time, providing granular insights to help brands optimize their marketing efforts. DAX’s proprietary technology Listener Insight ID (LIID), enables advertisers to measure and track the performances of their digital audio campaigns and acquire a complete picture of their audiences. LIID identifies the audience targeting segments that perform the best for brands, defines which creative messages are the most powerful, as well as reporting the right time of day to deliver messages. If a listener hears an audio ad and then visits the client’s website, LIID is able to map the journey and make that attribution.


DAX sees growing opportunities in terrestrial broadcast streaming after signing Cumulus and Urban One to its roster, which also includes TuneIn, LiveXLive Powered by Slacker and AccuRadio.


“Urban One’s rich history and unique audience reach makes it a great fit,” according to Matt Cutair, Chief Executive of DAX US. “The advantages of terrestrial broadcast streaming over pure play is the diversification of the content. Content isn’t just limited to music playlists but includes live events, personality driven talk and news, allowing for brands to reach consumers in a much broader way.”


Josh Rahmani, Radio One/Reach Media’s SVP of National & Network Sales, added: “We always want to make sure our advertisers have the best and most effective means to reach our loyal and culturally impactful audience. This partnership immediately allows that to happen by opening up our broadcast streaming audio properties and its listeners to the wide array of advertisers already working with DAX.”


As EVP Sales and Business Development for DAX US

NEW YORK – Monday 30th September 2019

DAX, the market leader in digital audio advertising, today announced the appointment of Chris Blackburn to EVP for Sales and Business Development for DAX US.


Based in New York, Blackburn reports into Matt Cutair, CEO of DAX US. As EVP for Sales and Business Development he is responsible for DAX’s US sales strategy and will lead the strategic sales division. Working closely with the executive leadership team in the US and UK, Blackburn is tasked with driving revenue growth and further developing DAX in the US market.


Chris Blackburn joins DAX directly from SoundCloud where he was responsible for overseeing and growing SoundCloud’s worldwide ad-sales business, in the role of the Head of Global Sales and Partnerships. Blackburn’s work with transformative partnerships spanned both media and business development. Stepping into his new position at DAX, Blackburn will drive forward smart technology and develop new partnerships with premium publisher brands.


Chris Blackburn’s appointment follows rapid growth for DAX US, including the onboarding CUMULUS MEDIA and other leading pure-play music streaming, radio and podcast brands DAX’s roster alongside.


DAX’s trajectory in market aligns with fierce demand from brands and agencies for digital audio content, as millions more people tune in to music, digital radio and podcasts across the US. The latest internet advertising report from the IAB and PwC revealed that digital audio advertising revenues continue to grow year-over-year, standing at $2.3bn in 2018.


Matt Cutair, CEO of DAX US, said: “We’re entering an exceptionally exciting time for DAX as we onboard new premium publisher brands and further develop our suite of measurement tools for advertisers. Chris brings an impressive background and extensive knowledge of the music streaming industry. He will be integral to our strategy as we continue to grow our footprint across the digital audio advertising industry in the US. We are delighted to have Chris on board.”


Chris Blackburn, EVP of Sales and Business Development DAX US, said: “Since its inception, DAX has firmly cemented its role in driving value for advertisers and publishers in every area of the digital audio space. I’m thrilled to be joining DAX during this exciting time both for the company as well as the wider audio industry.”


Prior to joining SoundCloud, Chris Blackburn was the Lead, Marketing and Revenue at Grooveshark, where his role focused on developing the company’s eastern U.S. ads strategy, in addition to growing multiple key revenue streams for the company spanning ads, data, and market research. Blackburn was also the co-founder of Art&Revel, a media consultancy focused on monetization strategies for new digital properties, leading several properties through successful funding rounds and acquisitions.


Endemol Shine UK, makers of Peaky Blinders, Humans and Black Mirror, has announced its move into audio production and an exclusive advertising agreement with DAX, the UK’s largest digital audio advertising platform.

What does this mean for advertisers?


With DAX, you’ll have exclusive access to Endemol Shine’s commercial podcast portfolio with spot ads, sponsorships messages & host-read advertisements. 


Why are Endemol Shine partnering with DAX?


Endemol Shine are joining the largest digital audio platform in the UK, we have partnerships with the nation’s premier audio publishers including ITV, SoundCloud, Sky, talkSPORT and Global’s owned and operated radio brands; including Capital, Heart, Classic FM, LBC, Smooth, Radio X and Capital XTRA.


As part of the partnership, Endemol Shine’s Remarkable Television will debut their first podcast, Richard Osman’s The Birthday Game, with promotion across Global’s Radio X, which recently boasted an audience of 1.6m listeners.


The Birthday Game will also be available on Global Player – the app which allows listeners to tune in to the UK’s leading commercial radio brands from Global, podcasts and playlists, all in one place.


How do I advertise on Endemol Shine’s commercial podcasts?


Only on DAX.


Reach out to your DAX representative and we’ll be in touch with information on how to partner with their excellent brands.










DAX, the digital audio exchange created by Global, has today released findings which reveal that investment across digital audio is set to grow significantly in the next 12 months and beyond.


DAX’s annual report, The Rise of Digital Audio Advertising, explores advertisers’ and media agencies’ views on digital audio in 2019 as well as their expectation for the future. Research firm MTM surveyed and interviewed 215 senior and mid-level executives at leading media agencies and UK brand owners.


The report revealed that interest among advertisers in digital audio is stronger than ever. Seventy-eight per cent of UK advertisers say that they will increase spend across music and digital radio, while seventy-five per cent said that they will increase investment in podcasts, in the next 12 months alone.


The report revealed growing confidence in digital audio as a powerful advertising tool. Eighty-six per cent of advertising agency executives and 66% of brands said that they now see digital audio as a key part of media strategies. With listening figures growing consistently across all formats, and proliferation of quality audio publishers and platforms available, advertisers also reported increasing numbers of stand-alone digital audio campaigns.


Ollie Deane, Director of Commercial Digital at Global, said: “The findings in this year’s report show an extremely positive outlook for digital audio advertising, with 85% of advertisers planning to invest further in digital audio over the next twelve months. The ability to target a listener at the right time, in the right place and in the right context, has always been and continues to be our focus at DAX. Now, the value proposition and opportunities in digital audio are clearer, so too is the prominence of digital audio in advertisers’ media strategies. As new technologies continue to emerge and we see campaigns tailored to listeners in connected cars, cross platform attribution and improved measurement tools will be essential for driving the industry forward.”


Participants surveyed identified four factors driving investment in digital audio: increased podcast listening, smart speakers and connected cars, the rise of programmatic trading and cross-platform targeting opportunities.




New technologies such as smart speakers and connected cars are seen by advertising and brand experts as key drivers for reaching audiences at scale. Seventy-six per cent of advertising executives believe that growth in smart speakers allows advertisers to effectively target audiences in the home. In addition, the rollout of 5G connectivity is expected to create an important new vertical for advertisers to target audiences in connected cars.




Whilst advertisers reported the exponential growth of podcasts, they acknowledged podcasts are not a substitute for radio. Podcasts offer advertisers contextual opportunities across listeners’ interests and a range of ad formats from spot ads to authentic ads read by the podcast host. Seventy-five per cent of advertisers plan to increase spend across podcasts in the next 12 months. Advertisers claimed that Podcasts have found an audience in commuters, and 85% claimed that digital audio is effective for reaching consumers on the go.




Programmatic audio and the opportunity to deliver targeted campaigns in a brand safe environment is viewed by the industry as critical to further grow investment in the medium. Seventy-three per cent of advertisers credited digital audio as a great way for reaching new audiences of all ages, notably younger listeners, which other media struggle to reach.




More than half of respondents (53%) rated digital audio as the medium developing the most innovative opportunities for advertisers, above all other media, including social media, digital video, outdoor, TV, radio and print. Notably, advertisers said that the ability to combine digital audio with out-of-home advertising to deliver location-based targeted campaigns, will unlock more value from digital audio advertising in the future.


To read the full The Rise of the Digital Audio Advertising report complete with quotes from executives at leading media agencies and leading UK brand owners visit


Thursday March 7, 2019, TORONTO – SoundCloud, the world’s largest open audio platform, announced today an expanded advertising agreement with DAX, the world’s most advanced audio advertising platform from Global, to include Canada. Through the exclusive agreement, advertisers in Canada will have the opportunity to reach SoundCloud’s highly-engaged and influential audience.


DAX is already SoundCloud’s exclusive sales partner in the UK through an agreement that has been in place since 2016.


“Brands in Canada now have the opportunity to reach SoundCloud’s unique audience of tastemakers who are driving what’s next in music culture, exclusively through DAX,” said Michael Weissman, Chief Operating Officer, SoundCloud. “DAX has been a great partner to SoundCloud in the UK for years. Now, with this expanded deal, we’re able to leverage its leading technology and deep sales abilities to support the continued growth of our ad supported service in the Canadian market.” 


Chris Nimigon, Chief Revenue Officer, DAX Canada, said: “We’re pleased to broaden our working relationship with SoundCloud to give advertisers in Canada further opportunities in digital audio. Our ambition is to help advertisers optimize their audio campaigns and learn more about their audiences through our unique technology, Listener Insight ID. Since launching in Canada, DAX continues to grow at an exceptional rate and we’re all very excited to bring SoundCloud’s huge catalogue of audio content to our clients and partners.”


Advertisers in Canada will be able to access SoundCloud’s audio inventory programmatically and directly, exclusively through DAX. In addition, advertisers will be able to learn more about their audiences through sophisticated data targeting technology and DAX’s unique audio attribution measurement tool – Listener Insight ID. 


Advertisers run hundreds of audio advertising campaigns on DAX, targeting audiences based on a variety of factors such as age, gender, location and preferred listening genre.


Global, the Media & Entertainment group, acquired the digital audio sales division of Canadian based Audio Streaming Solutions Provider, leanStream, to launch DAX in Canada in November 2018. The move brought the world’s most sophisticated digital audio advertising platform to Canada, giving advertisers in the country a way reach millions of people streaming music, podcasts and digital radio through premium publisher brands. 


CUMULUS MEDIA Appoints DAX As Exclusive Representative Across Network Radio and Programmatic Streaming Sales


New York, NY, February 20th, 2019 — DAX, the world’s most advanced digital audio advertising platform, today announced a multi-year deal with leading radio broadcaster, CUMULUS MEDIA. The deal establishes DAX as CUMULUS MEDIA’s exclusive third-party sales representative across network radio streaming and national programmatic advertising, alongside CUMULUS MEDIA’s national and local sales teams.  


CUMULUS MEDIA is the first traditional broadcast network to join a premium roster of publisher brands with inventory on DAX. DAX brings programmatic audio expertise and provides brands with access to sophisticated data targeting tools to reach key audiences. The new collaboration also enables advertisers across CUMULUS MEDIA’s programming access to Listener Insight ID – the attribution technology from DAX. The Listener Insight ID dashboard allows advertisers to measure the performance of their ad campaigns in real time, providing granular insights which help brands test and optimize their campaigns based on listeners’ responses.


“We’re really looking forward to working with CUMULUS MEDIA to improve the listener experience across its network and help advertisers reach the right people through technology from DAX,” said Matt Cutair, CEO of DAX U.S. “The partnership allows us to continue our ambition to improve engagement and attribution in the digital audio advertising space.”


“We are thrilled to be partnering with DAX for network radio and programmatic streaming sales,” said Bryan Forbes, President of Sales, Westwood One. “DAX has a proven track record of innovation and brings new approaches in the sales and technology arena to our streaming network.”


Partnership Creates a New Playing Field for Advertisers to Effectively Reach Listeners


NEW YORK, NY – February 4, 2019 DAX, the world’s most sophisticated digital audio advertising platform, today announced that it has signed a deal with LiveXLive Media’s wholly-owned subsidiary Slacker Radio to become its audio exclusive sales partner in the U.S.


Slacker Radio enables music lovers to choose from human-curated stations customized to their own moods and favorites. Its catalogue offers more than 20 million audio tracks and reaches over 1.2 million active users. The platform offers hundreds of expertly programmed stations in a variety of genres and extends beyond music to also include news, sports, and talk shows.


The streaming platform is wholly-owned by LiveXLive Media (NASDAQ: LIVX), a global digital media company focused on live entertainment, delivering premium livestreamed video, digital audio, and on-demand music experiences from the world’s top music festivals and concerts, including Rock in Rio, EDC Las Vegas, Rolling Loud, and many more.


The partnership will enable DAX to package Slacker’s inventory across its extensive digital audio network and offer innovative and robust packages to advertisers. DAX’s large roster of advertisers will now have expanded access to Slacker’s multitude of genres and radio formats, spanning a wide range of listener demos.


“We couldn’t be more excited to be expanding our longstanding partnership with Slacker as they have always been an industry leader and innovator in the streaming music market. Now that we are their exclusive audio ad sales partner, advertisers will now be offered more unique and premium ways to engage with their dedicated audience,” said Matt Cutair, CEO of DAX U.S.


Added Mike Bebel, EVP of Development and Rights Management for LiveXLive, “the advertising-supported freemium tier of Slacker Radio is an important revenue source for the company and it’s a great value proposition for our subscribers and listeners. We look forward to maximizing this opportunity with DAX to offer our advertisers and sponsors a more robust access point to our audiences.”




NEW YORK, NY, January 28, 2018: DAX, the world’s most sophisticated digital audio advertising platform, today announced an exclusive partnership with is the first AI platform dedicated to voice-activated advertising. This deal enables U.S. advertisers to run targeted campaigns through DAX’s programmatic platform, which prompts people to engage with brands through voice technology.  For the first time, listeners in the U.S. will be able to respond to ads heard via a mobile device with commands including “tell me more” or “download the app”.


AI powered audio ads eliminate the need for the listener to stop and look at a screen, offering a hands-free solution for people on the move. Data from Bright Local in May found that almost three in five (58%) of people surveyed had used voice search to find local business information over a 12-month period. The survey also found that people want to be able to use voice search to make reservations, get prices on products and services, and confirm if a business has a particular item in stock. As people demand more voice-enabled capabilities around them, brands have an opportunity to shift how they advertise to align with this trend.


Leading brands that have already invested in interactive audio ads include Mastercard, Visa,  Samsung, HP,  Alfa Bank and Infiniti. This new innovation in advertising aims to drive higher audience engagement and through DAX, advertisers now have the tools to measure the effectiveness of interactive audio ads.


“ is a visionary platform that is in the perfect position to thrive in the midst of the voice boom,” said Matt Cutair, CEO of DAX US. “The ability for people to interact with their ads in a convenient way improves the overall user experience and allows advertisers to measure direct performance and engagement on their ads. We’re very excited to be able to offer AI voice-enabled ads to our brand partners.”


“DAX is a progressive company that understands the nuances of audio marketing and the importance of valuing engagement,” said Stas Tushinskiy, CEO of “We are providing a screen-free, hands-free opportunity for brands to get in front of consumers, which is a whole new entrance to the audio marketing arena. We knew we wanted a partner that could grasp the potential of this opportunity and give us the strongest chance to succeed during this critical juncture.”