DAX makes measuring the performance of your audio ads easy. Find out who listened to your ad and what they did after they heard it.

Having performance data on hand lets you effectively plan, optimize, and evaluate your ad campaigns. Our Listener Insight ID tool equips advertisers and agencies with an accessible, intuitive way to test, learn, and improve on digital audio.

For each device DAX serves your ad to, Listener Insight ID generates a unique anonymous ID. When those IDs visit your brand website, our tool tracks when they visit, how often they visit, which sections of your website they go to and which execution drove them there.

With the Listener Insight ID technology, you can measure with five categories:

  • Time/Day - optimum day/time of delivery, time between exposure and response, time that listeners are likely to visit client's site compared to average ads
  • Impressions - total impression reach, total unique reach, average impressions, optimal impressions
  • Engagement - response rate, page views per visit and per visitor, likelihood to complete onsite calls to action
  • Location - foot traffic attribution (via 3rd party location attribution service)
  • Creative/Targeting - best performing creative messages, best performing targeting strategies, demo reached, interests and purchase intent, spending behavior and consumer attitudes


When you launch a location sync campaign on DAX, your audio ad will be delivered to anyone within a 1 mile radius of the shop, attraction, venue, or out-of-home ad that you designate.

Through partnerships with location data specialists and by tracking the device IDs entering that 1 mile radius, DAX will measure the additional footfall generated by your location sync campaign.

Additionally, you can identify where the listener was when they heard the ad, how far they travelled to the location, how long after hearing the ad they visited, and what demographic and behavioral traits the listener demonstrates in their other online activity.

DAX measurement empowers leading brands to optimize their performance. Find our latest success stories here.